MODEL 5075-X2
BIGGEST Model 5075-X2 
The Largest, Most Versatile drum sander on the market

Now, handle primary and finish sanding in one pass. Perfect for wide pieces like table tops, doors, facing frames...more. Jumbo, 4" diameter conveyor feed rollers let you handle workpieces up to 200 lbs.

5075-X2 Key Features:

• Independent use of either drum with the simple turn of a lever. A Woodmaster exclusive!
• Sands work up to 49-1/2” wide
• Variable-Speed Feed Rate
• Bottom-Draw Dust Removal System
• Industrial Conveyor Belt System
• Optimum 750 RPM Drum Speed
• High Torque, High Power US-MADE 7-1/2 HP Motor
• Hook & Loop Paper Fastening System
• Four-Tower, Single-Crank Height Adjustment
• Heavy-Duty Self-Aligning Bearings
• Spring-Loaded Industrial Rubber Pinch Rollers
• Heavy-Duty Steel Stand

5075-X2 Advantages:

• The BIGGEST & BEST Woodmaster Drum
• 2 DRUMS handle primary & finish sanding in 1  pass
• Exclusive Quick Adjustment Lever allows  independent  use of either drum.
• Optimum 750 RPM Drum Speed Eliminates burning  and glazing

Pr0 cabinetmaker shares his experience
    "In 42 years as a professional cabinetmaker, I've has the best of the best equipment, the biggest of the big. At my business peak, we manufactured case goods for Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks Coffee and Honey Dew Donuts. My first sander was an industrial 37" Timesavers wide belt. Within a year, we needed to go to a 3-head, 53" wide belt sander. 
   Today, I have Woodmaster because it fits today's woodworking economy. I have absolutely no regrets. I'm very happy. With a 50" Woodmaster, I can have 4 grits on the machine at the same time, 1 ft wide each. Most raised panel doors are 24" wide, so you can run 2 grits side by side if you want. Or, I can run a 48" wide table through it. I run 100 grit on the first head, 150 grit on the second head.
     I have no reason to fluff this up...the Woodmaster company has far exceeded my expectations in service, sales and everything else. I've bought over a million and a half dollars of equipment in my career and I'm amazed at what the Woodmaster will do if you keep it within its capabilities. I'll put my Woodmaster up against any industrial machine in the world. It's easy to run, uncomplicated, safe, good equipment."  
Dante Grassi, CT Cabinetmaker    
MODEL Model 5075-X2
Maximum Sanding Width 49-1/2"
Stock thickness range 0 to 5-1/4"
Shortest sandable stock 7"
Pinch rollers 1-1/2" dia., non-marking, molded rubber
Rate of feed 0' to 25' per minute
Sanding head 6" diameter, dynamically balanced, precision-machined steel
Bearings 1-1/2", self-aligning
Bed size 41" x 50"
Sanding paper 6" x 144", felt backed
Power required 40-amp service
Motor & drive system 7-1/2 HP power package includes 220V, 31 amp, single phase totally enclosed 1725 RPM motor, switch, cord, plug, V-belt, pulley.
Size 64-1/4" w x 49" d x 43 1/2" h
Weight 1,396 lbs.

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